TikTok got the most traffic of any website in 2021, according to Cloudflare.

TikTok got more traffic than Google this year, according to a ranking by Cloudflare. 
The app peaked in February, March, and June, and has been on top since August.
TikTok use has flourished during the coronavirus pandemic, with people of all ages downloading it.
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TikTok was the most popular website in 2021, surpassing even Google, according to Cloudflare

According to the company’s 2021 Year In Review Internet Rankings, TikTok first slid into the top spot back in February of this year. But it wasn’t until August that TikTok was consistently ranking highest in internet traffic.

The Cloudflare ranking was a dramatic shift from 2020, when TikTok held the number eight in the same rankings and Google was on top, Cloudflare reported.

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